More about Moab

 Moab was so much fun! a bit cold but way fun! the hikes were amazing and seeing the Arches in real life, WOW they are so cool! if you have not been to Moab yet you have to go!



 some extra shots from the other day isn't she beautiful!

Talent Search

My friend Haleigh is entering into a talent search for "Yoga Journal" to be on the cover of the magazine! she asked me if i could take the pictures and of course i was more then happy happy to them for her! here is a link so you can see and vote on our picture!
***Now what i want you guys to do is to pick your favorite picture of Haleigh from the following and let me know by commenting! :) it'll make it easier from me to pick the one we are going to post!

Sunday Morning

spring is just around the corner

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