Brecklyn's Baptism

This little Gem is getting baptized! You can see the glow on her face, she is so excited. Brecklyn was so fun she is an amazing dancer so she knew how to strike a pose! So it was difficult to get a bad shot! ;) Cant wait for you big day Little Lady! 


Meagan's Head Shots

This beautiful lady was so fun and easy going to capture. She was pretty much bare foot the whole shoot! We had a great time and hopefully the next time she comes into town we will shoot again.

Sidreis's Head Shots

One of my dearest friends asked me to do a few head shots for her for a new blog she was starting By the Light of Grace. This shoot was full of laughing, funny faces and just plane awesomeness! Sidreis is such a fun and loving person and you can see it through her pictures. and you can get to know her a little bit more by viisting her blog By the Light of Grace.

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