About Carlyn

About Me..
-I"m married to the most amazing man, and the love of my life, Aaron. Two years already!

-I have a Brittany Spaniel pup named Rusty and he's my baby till i actually have babies.

-I am addicted to Mountain Dew thanks to my very best friend Annie.

-I think shopping is the best therapy for anyone!

-My favorite TV shows are "Desperate Housewives" & "Hawaii 5-0"

-I'm all about chick flicks, my husband hates it. But give me a cozy warm blanket, a pizza and any love story I'm a happy camper.

-I'm a 9 to 10 hours of sleep type a gal. Anything less and I'm SLEEPY.

-I graduated from Utah College of Massage Therapy. I know it has nothing to do with photography, But I'm proud of it.

-I could eat Italian food everyday of my life! carbs, Yummmm!

-I LOVE Photography!
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